conky-colors opcje

desktop:~/Dokumenty/conky_colors$ conky-colors --help

    ./conky-colors <options>

    -------------- LANGUAGES --------------
    --lang=<language> - Set default language
    Languages: bg|de|en*|et|fr|it|pl|pt|ru|es|uk
    -------------- THEMES --------------
    --theme=<theme> - Set default theme color
    Themes: brave|carbonite|dust|human*|noble|tribute|wine|wise|
    Work only with --theme=custom
    --dark - Set Dark Brightness
    -------------- DEFAULT MODE --------------
    --<logo> - Replace computer icon for distro Logo
    Logos: ubuntu|fedora|opensuse|debian|arch|gentoo|pardus|xfce|gnome
    --cpu=<number> - Set number of cpu cores
    --cputemp - Enable CPU temperature
    --swap - Enable SWAP
    --battery - Enable battery
    --battery-value=<number> - Change battery device number </proc/acpi/battery>
    --updates - Show updates for Debian/Ubuntu
    --proc=<number> - Enable processes [Max = 10]
    --nodata - disable Data
    --calendar - Enable calendar
    --calendarm - Enable calendar with monday as first day
    --calendarzim - Enable calendar with Zim support
    --nvidia - Enable nvidia gpu
    --task - Enable Task [type "ct help" in terminal for info]
    --hd=<default|meerkat|mix|simple> - Enable HD
    --hdtemp1=<device> - Enable HD temperature [Ex: --hdtemp1=sda]
    --hdtemp2=<device> - Enable HD temperature [Ex: --hdtemp2=sdb]
    --hdtemp3=<device> - Enable HD temperature [Ex: --hdtemp3=sdc]
    --hdtemp4=<device> - Enable HD temperature [Ex: --hdtemp4=sdd]
    --photo - Enable Photo
    --photord - Enable Photo in random mode
    --mpd - Enable MPD
    --covergloobus - Enable CoverGloobus
    --gmail - Enable gmail notify
        --user=<username> - Type your username
        --passwd=<password> - Type your password
    --network - Enable network
        --eth=<number> - Change ethernet device [Default=0]
        --wlan=<number> - Change wireless device [Default=0]
        --ppp=<number> - Change 3g modem device [Default=0]
    --unit=<C|F>- Force output temperature either in Celius or Fahrenheit
    --weather=<AreaID> - Enable weather[Ex: --weather=BRXX0043]
    --bbcweather=<AreaID> - Enable weather[Ex: --bbcweather=3849]
    --side=<left|right*> - Set the side of conky in your screem
    -------------- CAIRO/RING MODE --------------
    --cairo - Enable cairo-conky mode.
    --ring - Enable ring-conky mode.
    --cpu=<number> - Set number of cpu cores
    --swap - Enable SWAP [cairo-mode only]
    --clock=<cairo|bigcairo> - Enable/disable clock [cairo-mode only]
    --banshee=<cairo|cairo-case|cairo-cd|cairo-glassy|lua> [cairo-mode only]
    --clementine=<cairo|cairo-case|cairo-cd|cairo-glassy|lua> [cairo-mode only]
    --rhythmbox=<cairo|cairo-case|cairo-cd|cairo-glassy|lua> [cairo-mode only]
    --banshee=<ring|ring-case|ring-cd|ring-glassy> [ring-mode only]
    --clementine=<ring|ring-case|ring-cd|ring-glassy> [ring-mode only]
    --rhythmbox=<ring|ring-case|ring-cd|ring-glassy> [ring-mode only]
    --network - Enable network
    --unit=<C|F>- Force output temperature either in Celius or Fahrenheit
    -------------- BOARD/SLIM MODE --------------
    --board - Enable board-conky mode.
    --slim - Enable slim-conky mode.
    --w=<width> - Set your screen width
    --h=<height> - Set your screen height
    --nobg - remove the background
    --posfix=<number> - fix ring position
    --weather=<AreaID> - Enable weather[Ex: --weather=BRXX0043]
    --unit=<C|F>- Force output temperature either in Celius or Fahrenheit
    -------------- SLS MODE --------------
    --sls - Enable SLS-conky mode.
    --nobg - remove the background
    --weather=<AreaID> - Enable weather[Ex: --weather=BRXX0043]
    --user=<username> - Type your gmail username
    --passwd=<password> - Type your gmail password
    -------------- EXTRA OPTIONS --------------
    --datadir=/path/to/datadir - it overrides default datadir
    --createlocalcopy - it copies the content of system datadir to /home/dar/.conkycolors
    --nofilecheck - disables checking the presence of files
    --default_datadir - prints the order of default datadirs in which files are searched by default.
    --finddir=FILE - this option makes this program find and print out a directory where FILE is located.
    --argb-value=0-255 - Set the value of own_window_argb_value, the default is 180
    --install=local(*), system, or custom - install generated configuration files to a chosen datadir.
    --systemdir - displays the system directory for conkycolors.
    --localdir - displays the local directory for conkycolors.
c90f6df9f193 bt-qt,a3,a3
megbu. are.x2,7 wloskie
(*)default values

te- prawygorny,srodek, srodekdol, dolnyprawy
i- 1737238413-250413aw2aq2
gg:dariusar. aw3x2



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